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The Woodman in 1897 thumbnail

The Woodman and Witchcraft

GUEST BLOG BY GARETH J. MEDWAY From the 1960s onwards there have been witchcraft rituals held in Queen’s Wood, Highgate, at the site of the plague pits known as Churchyard Bottom, or, nowadays, as the Witches’ Circle. Those involved normally meet up at The Woodman public house at the junction of Archway Road and Muswell […]

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Malcolm McLaren Cash from Chaos still from The Great Rock n Roll Swindle (c) John Tiberi

Cash from Chaos at Highgate Cemetery

In my book, Haunted Highgate (2014, History Press) I make reference to a thwarted attempt which was made to produce a music video in Highgate Cemetery’s Circle of Lebanon: … in the mid-1990s a Canadian music producer, who, for reasons which will become obvious, wishes to be referred to only by his first name, had […]

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Light anomalies captured in Swains Lane Hallowe'en 2014 (c) Redmond McWilliams 2014

A Walk Around Haunted Highgate with Della Farrant and Paul Adams

Hello all, I am very pleased to announce that “A Walk Around Haunted Highgate with Paranormal Authors Della Farrant and Paul Adams” is now live on YouTube.   Filming took place on location in Highgate, at around midnight, after the Muswell Hill Geisterfest on Hallowe’en – hence Paul any myself still being in full costume! I […]

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Peter Underwood (c) Christopher Underwood 2014

Peter Underwood R.I.P 1923 – 2014

I am sad to write that Peter Underwood, legendary researcher and author upon the supernatural passed away on the morning of 26th November 2014 aged 91 years of age. He leaves behind his son Chris and daughter Pamela. Peter was chairman of The Ghost Club for over thirty years, and contributed a vast amount of […]

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Playing in the traffic at Lorcan's suggestion (c) Della Farrant 2014

“Car coming – hold the pose!”

This phrase was uttered a lot on Hallowe’en in Swains Lane, Highgate, not least by myself, Lorcan Maguire, David Milner, Redmond McWilliams and Drew Hartley.  If you liked the photoshoot I did at lunchtime on that day with Lorcan Maguire of Newton Photographic, it is a testament to his professionalism that he made it look […]

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Muswell Hill Geisterfest

Hallowe’en 2014 – what a blast!

Hello again all! Well where to begin? The Muswell Hill Geisterfest was an ENORMOUS success – thanks and credit are due to everyone involved, not least the community of Muswell Hill young old and in between who all turned out to make the day special. Great to see ‘little Polly Hancock’ again, as Peter referred […]

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Happy birthday Hidden Highgate Della Farrant 2014 thumbnail

Happy Birthday Hidden Highgate!

It has been almost a year since this website was first launched, and I would like to say a big thank you to all the people who have been reading it, commenting on it, and emailing me with their thoughts and memories about Highgate’s paranormal and forgotten history. The culmination of hidden-highgate’s first year of […]

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Lynsey de Paul at Holly Village Highgate screen capture


  I (Della Farrant) was very sad to hear today of the sudden and unexpected death of long-time Highgate-based singer Lynsey de Paul. Lynsey passed quickly this Tuesday as a result of a brain haemorrhage. I learned of her passing tonight via a friend who had just read about it on Ceefax (or Teletext? Some […]

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5831 Haunted Highgate FCP.indd

Haunted Highgate – Out October 6th 2014

I am very pleased to announce that Haunted Highgate – my forthcoming non-fiction work detailing many of the paranormal legends and less documented accounts of Highgate’s supernatural inhabitants – is set to hit the bookshops on 6th October this year.  My thanks to the many people who made this possible by sharing their stories are […]

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Jack in the Green surrounded by May Day revellers, 1st May 1906, Deptford. With thanks to John from The Computus Engine.

Now Is The Month Of Maying!

Hidden-Highate.org was launched just before Hallowe’en in 2013.  It seems appropriate therefore to mark the ancient Celtic festival of Beltane and the more secular ‘May Day’, which occur at the opposite point on the wheel of the year, with a long overdue blog post.  Celebrated the world over for centuries, this special time of year […]

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Highgate Cemetery East - (c) Pete Scully

Highgate Sketches by Pete Scully

I have recently been in contact with an ex-pat now living in California; a professional sketch artist by the name of Pete Scully. Pete hails from Hornsey Lane, Highgate, and gets very homesick.  Fortunately however, whilst he was still in Blighty, Pete filled dozens of sketchbooks with some amazing representations of Highgate. His art really […]

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Coven movie poster

‘Coven’ – The Jury’s Still Out.

Incase you haven’t heard, a new movie set and filmed in Queens Wood and other parts of Highgate, has just been completed. Directed by John Mackie and starring Dexter Fletcher, ‘Coven’ promises to be a rather formulaic fright flick, replete with screaming teenage girls legend-tripping at night in a location known locally as at best […]

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new year

Happy New Year … and mind the coal!

Hello all! As it is New Year’s Day, I thought I ought to update the site with a new story. I must warn you, it isn’t a very nice story, but it is very interesting. It concerns a haunted house in Hornsey, which sits very near the graveyard of St Mary’s Church Tower. Uncomfortably near, […]

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Coal Skuttle

No. 8 Ferrestone Road or The ‘Hornsey Coal Ghost’

The ‘Hornsey Coal Poltergeist’ is perhaps one of the lesser known ‘extreme’ hauntings of the twentieth century. Like the disturbing manifestations on the Hillcrest Estate, which is situated just one mile south west in Highgate, the Hornsey ‘ghost’ chose a seemingly innocuous suburban housing development when it allegedly began tormenting the Frost family in January […]

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