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Ferrestone Road, Hornsey – The Coal Poltergeist

The ‘Hornsey Coal Poltergeist’ is perhaps one of the lesser known ‘extreme’ hauntings of the twentieth century. Like the disturbing manifestations on the Hillcrest Estate, which is situated just one mile south west in Highgate, the Hornsey ‘ghost’ chose a seemingly innocuous suburban housing development when it allegedly began tormenting the Frost family in January 1921.

Ferrestone Road was built in the late 1900s on what had previously been church land belonging to the parish of Hornsey. Burials on the site, which is adjacent to Old St Mary’s Church Tower, had only ceased in 1894. It seems though that the residents of these new builds had little or no idea of how slapdash the builders and church authorities were in ensuring that the grounds and foundations of the houses were excavated prior to their construction …

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