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Jack in the Green surrounded by May Day revellers, 1st May 1906, Deptford. With thanks to John from The Computus Engine.

Now Is The Month Of Maying!

Hidden-Highate.org was launched just before Hallowe’en in 2013.  It seems appropriate therefore to mark the ancient Celtic festival of Beltane and the more secular ‘May Day’, which occur at the opposite point on the wheel of the year, with a long overdue blog post.  Celebrated the world over for centuries, this special time of year […]

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LAMAS slide

Mystery Tunnel in Highgate

ON BEHALF OF THE BISHOPSGATE INSTITUTE I WOULD LIKE TO EXTEND AN INVITATION TO READERS TO HELP US BOTH SOLVE A PUZZLE.   The image to the right – which you may recognise from this site’s banner – is used with kind permission of the Bishopsgate Institute who are very enthusiastic about this project. You […]

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Highgate – What’s In A Name?

What can we glean about how Highgate may have looked in the past by studying its name? And what does it tell us about Highgate today? Many local history primers confidently (and rather dryly) inform the novice reader that Highgate takes its name from its previous role as a kind of border pass, situated on […]

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William Hone – The Inspiration Behind This Site

William Hone was born in 1770, in Bath, but spent much of his life in London. A popular, radical socialist and bookseller, his political and religious  satires such as ‘The Reformists’ Register’ and ‘The Political Litany’ (both published in 1817) courted ill-favour with the Prince Regent and many influential people of the day. Hone campaigned […]

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