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mapHi everyone,

Wow, the site has only been live for a day and has had over 2000 hits! I’m going to have to upgrade server imminently it seems, but that was planned / hoped for as a possibility and so all should be cool.

Google Analytics tells me that some of you are missing out on the map. There are shedloads of location posts which I don’t want to go astray, which give more information about each location and an opportunity to comment.

You can get to these currently by clicking a location on the map – say for instance “The Hillcrest Estate” – and from the pop up clicking the “Find out more or share a story” button.

Quite a lot of viewers have followed this treasure trail, but I just wanted to make sure you all know it is there!

I’ve added a straightforward locations page for people who aren’t in a Robinson Crusoe frame of mind and don’t want to play around with the map (spoilsports!) or who might be having problems displaying it on a mobile device. (If you are experiencing gremlins please let me know here)

And don’t forget Hidden Highgate needs YOUR haunted locations for the map. The house you grew up in, or somewhere you got spooked on the way home from a party late at night, or a site of historical interest – it’s all interesting to us.

I hope you are enjoying the site so far, and don’t be shy about offering feedback – it all helps!


Della (Farrant)

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