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Happy Birthday Hidden Highgate!

It has been almost a year since this website was first launched, and I would like to say a big thank you to all the people who have been reading it, commenting on it, and emailing me with their thoughts and memories about Highgate’s paranormal and forgotten history.

Happy birthday Hidden Highgate Della Farrant 2014

The culmination of hidden-highgate’s first year of existence has been the publication of Haunted Highgate, which is now available in bookshops, via Amazon, and signed from http://davidfarrant.org/publications.  The overwhelmingly positive feedback I have had from local people past and present, and readers of a generally Fortean persuasion has been very heartening, and helped make it all worthwhile. So it seems as though I have been doing something right!  After all, it is not my story I am telling but those of others who have passed away, and those who have encountered these individuals subsequently. There’s quite a bit to bring you all up to speed with, anyway … apologies for the rather long and overdue roundup!

I spoke with Alan Murdie, Chairman of The Ghost Club, yesterday who is thankfully very pleased with how Haunted Highgate turned out after so many months of graft and fact-checking.  Alan, as some of you may know, was kind enough to contribute a foreword, which you can read here.  Alan like myself prefers the printed word to electronic tracts, although History Press have helpfully made a Kindle™ edition of Haunted Highgate available for more tech-savvy generations than ours 😉

Haunted Highgate Della Farrant

Readers who enjoy an audio accompaniment to their tomes might wish to have a listen to a radio interview which I gave last week for Steve Genier and Alex Rondini’s Nocturnal Frequency Radio – you can find the show in the archives here: http://www.newvisionsradio.com/2014-02-26-19-59-03/nocturnal-frequency-radio .  Trigger warning – some of the chat towards the end may be a bit much for those of a sensitive disposition, but such is the nature of Highgate’s past – much like the rest of London, despite what certain unofficial tourist boards would have us believe.

I have also been invited to appear on The Para Talk radio show this weekend, and will post up a link to the show here soon. On this show Gareth Davies, Reeves Cooke and myself will be discussing the hitherto untold backstory of one of Highgate’s least remembered – but perhaps most significant – historical characters, from a paranormal perspective.

I was also recently asked to give an interview – is this starting to sound familiar yet?? Don’t worry readers, I am have not become a Highgate luvvie yet, just keeping you all up to speed! – for the website Fangirlnation.com.  I met their own ‘Mistress of Death’ Victoria Irwin, rather randomly on Twitter in response to her request for info about wedding venues around Highgate.   It was a fun interview, and I hope some of you find time to check it out here.   Fangirlnation is definitely worth a read, and has loads of sociologically orientated articles as well as reviews for those of an alternative persuasion. So check them out!

BUT … for those of you fixated with Highgate’s dark side who are not wholly satisfied with reading books and interviews and listening to interviews … I present to you the inaugural Muswell Hill Geisterfest!

The plan among us Muswell Hill locals is to make this Hallowe’en’s community festival (the first of its kind) the biggest and most popular annual North London Hallowe’en event out there.  There will be all kinds of activities and entertainments for children, parents and unaccompanied adults, most local traders are taking part, and the event is taking place on Hallowe’en itself – Friday 31st October 2014.

Muswell Hill Geisterfest

My husband David Farrant, along with paranormal author Paul Adams (who recently released his incredibly popular new book Written in Blood : A Cultural History of the British Vampire which features an extensive and very well researched chapter on the Highgate ‘vampire’) and myself will be in attendance at the main hub of the event, in the gothic gallery upstairs at O’Neill’s on Muswell Hill Broadway from 4pm onwards.

Directions to the Muswell Hill Geisterfest

If anyone would like to come along and share their own paranormal experiences, get their copy of one of our books signed (whether from the event on the day or brought along with you), or just have a chat about any of the supernatural subjects covered therein you are more than welcome.  All proceeds from the raffle at O’Neill’s – to which we will be donating prizes – go to the charity All People All Places, which supports homeless and vulnerably housed people.

Well I think that’s it for this time,

Thanks to all – local and beyond – for your continued support of hidden-highgate.org – accept no pale imitations!

Della (Farrant)

Available Here Haunted Highgate Della Farrant

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