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Happy Hallowe’en

Happy Hallowe’en all my lovely readers!

It seems a little superfluous writing a Hallowe’en blog entry when the blog’s reason d’etre is to discuss a little village where EVERY day feels like Hallowe’en.

But Highgate has had a few bad run ins with morbid thrill-seekers in the past, and I wouldn’t want to be accused of encouraging that sort of thing. Down with that sort of thing! Well, not really, unless you make a nuisance of yourself or are carrying a homemade stake in your trousers. That’s so old hat anyway round these parts.

Seriously, a place as old as Highgate is always going to attract ghost-seekers at Hallowe’en, and a few harmless Goths hoping to spot a wraith or two should hardly spark a village-wide panic. It has happened every year for over 40 years and I doubt that it will get worse or better because of this website (the tourism I mean, not the panic).

But I HAVE to say it – if you choose to come to one of the most haunted locations in the UK today PLEASE be respectful to people you might meet, their property, and the dead.

And don’t, if you have any sense, go round challenging negative entities to manifest just so you can say you’ve seen them. Bad news all round!

But, all that said, if you DO have a spooky experience at Highgate tonight – or have had one in the past – please share below!

Della (party-pooper) Farrant


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  1. Laura November 7, 2013 at 4:15 am #

    Very good advice, Della! Insensitive people can unintentionally bring about unsavory aspects of a lovely old village such as Highgate. These wonderful places need to be respected & preserved & the citizens & their properties respected as well. How charming to live in a place where Halloween is felt all year long–a truly unique part of Highgate no doubt! Yes, your right-care must always be observed when chatting with the dead or gallivanting sacred grounds–alive or dead–everyone deserves respect & consideration! Hope your Halloween/Samhain was a success & good luck in the New Year! Blessed Be. Laura–Canada.

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