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Happy New Year … and mind the coal!

Hello all! As it is New Year’s Day, I thought I ought to update the site with a new story. I must warn you, it isn’t a very nice story, but it is very interesting.

It concerns a haunted house in Hornsey, which sits very near the graveyard of St Mary’s Church Tower. Uncomfortably near, as you will see in the accompanying video which represents archive footage of part of a paranormal investigation carried out at the house in 1999.

The unpleasant events begin on New Year’s Day 1921, with the purchase of a large amount of coal …

I have had to keep it fairly brief, as I don’t wish to get my knuckles rapped by my publisher. The case will be covered in much more detail when Haunted Highgate hits the shelves, including a very odd twist to the tale which I have uncovered.

The location has been added to the map, and you can read the relevant blog entry here:

No. 8 Ferrestone Road or The ‘Hornsey Coal Ghost’

I hope it doesn’t scare anyone too much.

There is much more to come on Hidden Highgate in 2014, especially in response to requests for more information about leys, Queens and Highgate Woods, local customs and that darn frozen chicken – yes Pond Square will also be featured soon.

So for now, I hope you all have a good Bank Holiday, and would like to say thank you to all my readers for your support and encouragement during 2013. And especial thanks to all those who have shared their paranormal experiences through comments and via the contact form – please keep them coming!


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