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Mystery Pics of Highgate #2 – “Mr Roy”

What on earth could one of the oldest breeds of heavy horse be doing, lumbering around Highgate?

Actually there is no real mystery here, for a change. Roy, the four- year old Suffolk horse in question, was politely asked by the Friends of Queens Wood and Haringey Council to lend a bit of horse power to the task of shifting some lumber.

Sadly I missed the rustic spectacle of Roy assisting with the traditional coppicing techniques which this ancient piece of woodland on our doorsteps still benefits from. But my roving reporter Dave Milner managed to pop down on his lunchbreak and snap a pic of Roy in action. Thanks Dave!

Roy in Queens Wood (c) Dave Milner

Roy in Queens Wood (c) Dave Milner

You can find out more about the marvelous work of the Friends of Queens Wood here, and check out Haringey Independent’s coverage of our notable equine visitor here.

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