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Hello and Welcome to Hidden Highgate!

After many months of burning the midnight oil the site is finally live.

And so – I am sending out my creation into the big, bad world. Please be kind to it! Creating the site has been a learning curve, and there have been a few inevitable setbacks and delays along the way. But I got there in the end, with the help of some techies (special thanks to Josh Sears of Mapify Pro!) and am pleased with the results.

There are lots more haunted locations to be added to the interactive map, and some more in depth information about existing locations so keep an eye on it. If I put everything on the website from it’s inception I might as well have written a whole book before going live, which wouldn’t be half as much fun. And I’d have no time left to write Haunted Highgate! Also look out for more blog entries – I’m aiming for at least one a week as time allows.

If you have any ideas for content or topics then do drop me a line. Likewise let me know if you have any corrections – I don’t profess to be a local history expert, just an interested local resident really. You won’t hurt my feelings; I’d rather get things right with the help of other people who may know better than I. One could spend one’s whole life perfecting an account of a location or a supernatural sighting; but sometimes one just has to publish and be damned. Also – if you spot any references for which I have not given a citation, do let me know. I read so many sources on a regular basis that sometimes it is hard to decide if I am writing something from scratch or accidentally rehashing a buried memory of a Victorian manuscript which I pored over many moons ago.

One of the heartening aspects of developing Hidden Highgate has been how much support the project has received from local history enthusiasts, paranormal hobbyists and researchers, and the media – and of course local groups and individuals who share my passion for our special part of the world. As well as creating new and productive networks, Hidden Highgate has also resulted in new friendships and offers of help from unexpected corners. I’m really hoping that this groundswell of support translates into active contribution to the site, and look forward to more and more people getting involved over time. Your comments don’t have to be profound, or informed by hours spent in Camden Local Studies centre : everyone’s views and thoughts are valuable. A community can only ever be the sum of its parts, after all.

And last of all – thanks for visiting! Please come back soon.

Della (Farrant)

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  1. Felix Garnet October 25, 2013 at 7:08 pm #

    Well done for completing the site, Della – it’s looking great! I’m looking forward to visiting regularly and also to joining you on the radio tonight, 😀 x

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