St. Michael’s Church

St Michael’s Church was erected on the site of the (by then) dilapidated Ashurst House in 1832.

Coleridge, who spent his final years at Highgate, is buried in the crypt and it is here that one also finds the remains of the foundations of Ashurst House, along with the wine cellar.

Only one haunting appears to be associated with St Michael’s, and once again this may have been our favourite tall dark figure out on yet another nightly jaunt.

St Michael's Church from near The Flask
St Michael’s Church from near The Flask

According to ‘Beyond the Highgate Vampire’ by David Farrant (who interviewed the witness), Mrs Jannet Morrell, of nearby North Hill, was walking her dog past The Flask late one evening in November 1986 when. As she passed St Michael’s Church (which is just across the road from The Flask)

… she suddenly noticed a tall dark figure moving silently down the driveway leading to the church. Sensing something odd, although not sure exactly what this was, she stopped to watch when the figure suddenly disappeared in front of her. The figure’s disappearance whilst in clear view left her in little doubt that whatever she had seen was not of human origin.

The top photo shows St Michael’s church from within Highgate Cemetery, with a view of the Terraced Catacombs (c) Lorcan Maguire

N.B. :~ St Michael’s is a well-loved, working church. Please be respectful if visiting.

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  1. I work VERY close to the church, Worked security Day/Nights for almost 8 years, I have always felt uneasy and the sense that someone is watching me when i walk the grounds, i hear footsteps in the house above me, that i know is empty and locked up.


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