“Car coming – hold the pose!”

Playing in the traffic at Lorcan's suggestion (c) Della Farrant 2014

This phrase was uttered a lot on Hallowe’en in Swains Lane, Highgate, not least by myself, Lorcan Maguire, David Milner, Redmond McWilliams and Drew Hartley.  If you liked the photoshoot I did at lunchtime on that day with Lorcan Maguire of Newton Photographic, it is a testament to his professionalism that he made it look … Read more

The Serpentine Mist Form of Swain’s Lane: Guest Blog by Redmond McWilliams

The Serpentine Mist Form of Swain’s Lane PLUS: a Forty Year Old Mystery Finally Solved? Guest Blog kindly contributed by Redmond McWilliams Date of investigation: Friday, December 9th, 2011 (9-10pm GMT). Being much intrigued by the two separate attacks that were allegedly carried out by the Highgate ‘Vampire’ on both a male student and a … Read more

The Highgate Vampire versus Spring-Heeled Jack

This article, which I wrote quite some time back, is probably mostly whimsy. But it does include some fun contemporary sources. Were the Highgate Vampire and Spring Heeled Jack one and the same? Definitely not. Were (or are) they in any way of the same supernatural origin? Probably not, although I suppose that they COULD … Read more