Queens Wood Hallowe’en Special from Oracle TV

Queens Wood Highgate (c) Dave Milner

Hello all!  Lots of pics of the Muswell Hill Geisterfest to come soon, but in the meantime, tune in tonight (Sun 2nd Nov) at 8pm to Oracle TV’s Hallowe’en Special, when Carrie Kirkpatrick and her guests – including David Farrant, Gareth J. Medway and Seldiy Bate will be discussing the mysterious history of Queens Wood, … Read more

‘Coven’ – The Jury’s Still Out.

Incase you haven’t heard, a new movie set and filmed in Queens Wood and other parts of Highgate, has just been completed. Directed by John Mackie and starring Dexter Fletcher, ‘Coven’ promises to be a rather formulaic fright flick, replete with screaming teenage girls legend-tripping at night in a location known locally as at best … Read more

The Witch Who Would Be Queen – Eleanor Cobham & The Bishop’s Lodge at Highgate

In the 15th century, a black mass allegedly took place in Highgate which could have altered the history of the monarchy today. Today the site of this rite, where wax figures of the king are said to have been melted in the fire, is a harmless golf course. But why was Highgate chosen as the … Read more