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Ferrestone Road, Hornsey - The Coal Poltergeist
This terraced house, with a back garden full of forgotten gravestones, was the scene of one of the most violent poltergeist outbreaks of the 20th century.

Ancient Cattle Pound / Mound
This ancient mound, once surrounded by the 'Devil's herb' Belladonna, was also the the site of Highgate's cattle pound in days forgot.

Highgate Wood
This ancient area of woodland is at the northern summit of Highgate's leyline. Despite the wood's tranquility, a tall dark figure has been seen gliding amongst the hornbeams.

The Hillcrest Estate
This ordinary looking estate is little known for its hauntings. But some residents describe living as there being as worse than a horror film ...

The Flask
One of the oldest pubs in Highgate, partially subterranean, The Flask has several resident spirits.

St Michael's Church
A mysterious dark figure has been seen to glide across the pathway to this gothic church. St Michael's was erected in 1839, on the site of Ashurst House, the grounds of which today form Highgate Cemetery.

Lauderdale House
A beautifully restored mansion, which once harboured a dark secret

Waterlow Park
A beautiful yet eerie public space

Highgate Cemetery East
Have you seen the mad old woman?

Highgate Cemetery West
HIghgate's most popular landmark - just don't mention vampires!

Site of the Bishop's Lodge
Now buried 25ft below Highgate Golf Club's 12th hole, the foundations of the Bishop's Lodge harbour a dark past. Attempted regicide, black masses and a witch burnt at the stake. What's YOUR handicap? 😉

Swains Lane
It is here that the tall dark figure which many call the 'Highgate Vampire' has been seen on scores of occasions. Have you seen it too?

1 Avenue Road
During the 1970s this neo-gothic mansion became known as a secret meeting place for witches and black magicians, who conducted weird rituals inside its walls at night. A local newspaper, the Hornsey Journal, even dubbed 1 Avenue Road "The House of Dracula" ...

Ye Olde Gatehouse
Ye Olde Gatehouse, probably the most haunted pub in Highgate