Haunted Highgate – Out October 6th 2014

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I am very pleased to announce that Haunted Highgate – my forthcoming non-fiction work detailing many of the paranormal legends and less documented accounts of Highgate’s supernatural inhabitants – is set to hit the bookshops on 6th October this year.  My thanks to the many people who made this possible by sharing their stories are bottomless.

I would also like to extend my deep gratitude to Alan Murdie L.L.B., Chairman of The Ghost Club – ‘the oldest society in the world dedicated to the exploration of the unknown’ and founded in 1862 – who took time out of his busy schedule to provide the introduction.  Sadly Alan’s intro had to cut short by around 600 words due to lack of space, a chagrin about which I had little leverage having already been given a 5000 word extension by History Press!  Hopefully, however, I will be able to publish the rest of his thoughts here in due course.  Alan is also chair of The Society for Psychical Research’s Spontaneous Cases Committee, and his insight has been extremely valuable whilst uncovering and unpicking some of the more obscure hauntings in the Highgate area.

With around 50 illustrations painstakingly sourced and/or restored, and at least 70 examples of individuals’ encounters with the unknown collated and examined, Haunted Highgate has been a labour of love which I hope will, in Alan’s words, ‘provide a wealth of fascinating new stories and material for readers to analyse, ponder and enjoy.’

Haunted Highgate will be available from all local (to Highgate!) and national bookshops from October 6th, and can be pre-ordered from Amazon at the following link:


*blushes* – if it is no longer available, please do check back, as it seems that many orders have been placed in the month or so for which it has been available.  At the time of publishing this blog entry (13/08/14) there is only one copy left.  It all feels a bit real now!

Thanks again to all,

For now

Della (Farrant)

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  1. This is a very interesting book. You make Highgate sound so eerie and mysterious. Please write more books on this area. 🙂


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