Para-Talk Radio Interview with Della Farrant of Hidden Highgate

This week I was flattered to be offered a half hour interview with LA based Gareth Davies and his UK based co-host Reeves Cooke of Para-Talk radio. My episode was number 70 – perhaps fitting when one considers how much the year 1970 influenced the Highgate mythos.

The Para-Talk, which has an international audience, is a well-respected show among Forteans across the globe. It has also covered many subjects which are close to the hearts of British paranormal enthusiasts, including Spring-Heeled Jack (episode 69 – fate?!).

You can listen to the episode here. I get very nervous about public speaking, but hopefully the show went OK, and it has had good feedback. Yeah yeah, I’m sure I’ll get nicknamed Della Della Rockefeller soon enough, but if you don’t promote websites, how do people know they are there? Actually once I relaxed it was very enjoyable. I liked sharing views with such attentive and interested interviewers being, as they are, extremely seasoned in the arcane. It was a great honour to be invited on their show.

Thanks Gareth and Reeves for a fun chat! We are planning a more in depth show in the future, as the site and book progress so stay tuned!

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