No. 8 Ferrestone Road or The ‘Hornsey Coal Ghost’

The ‘Hornsey Coal Poltergeist’ is perhaps one of the lesser known ‘extreme’ hauntings of the twentieth century. Like the disturbing manifestations on the Hillcrest Estate, which is situated just one mile south west in Highgate, the Hornsey ‘ghost’ chose a seemingly innocuous suburban housing development when it allegedly began tormenting the Frost family in January … Read more

‘There Were No Hands To Help Her’: The Lonely Death Of Miss St George

After the indulgence of hog roast and mulled wine, ballet dancers and celebrity guests at yesterday’s Highgate Christmas Festival in Pond Square, it would be easy to sleep through most of Mitzvah Day, being gently lulled out of one’s hangover by memories of Highgate’s ‘beautiful people’, surrounded by a haze of twinkling lights.  But Mitzvah … Read more

Mystery Pics of Highgate #1 – “Mal” the Skeleton

Mal’s not just for Hallowe’en! Many Highgate Villagers – and some visitors – will be aware of the strange deathly neighbour who smiles down at them seemingly in perpetuity from his window in South Grove. Affectionately nicknamed “Mal”, this underfed resident has been hanging round for years, despite his home changing hands several times. Who … Read more

The Witch Who Would Be Queen – Eleanor Cobham & The Bishop’s Lodge at Highgate

In the 15th century, a black mass allegedly took place in Highgate which could have altered the history of the monarchy today. Today the site of this rite, where wax figures of the king are said to have been melted in the fire, is a harmless golf course. But why was Highgate chosen as the … Read more

North London Paranormal Investigations Interview With Hidden Highgate’s Della Farrant

  On Friday 25th October this year North London Paranormal Investigations asked me onto their regular Friday night radio show – but not just any show – their Hallowe’en Special! Mickey Gocool, founder of N.L.P.I. has carried out many investigations into paranormal activity in the Highgate and North London area, including at The Gatehouse public … Read more